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Success Stories

Hear What Banks Like Yours Are Saying About KlariVis


  • Game Changing Efficiency

    Casey Hill, CFO, Merchants & Marine Bank

    KlariVis has been instrumental in empowering
    Merchants and Marine Bank to leverage data
    effectively, make informed decisions, and
    stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

    If you need a better handle on your data,
    you NEED KlariVis.
    Casey Hill, Chief Financial Officer
  • Big Bank Strength, Community Bank Heart

    Jill Castilla, CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond

    Discover how Citizens Bank of Edmond
    leverages KlariVis to understand the
    performance of their main bank and
    ROGER, their digital bank for military
    recruits, separately and together.

    Having KlariVis makes us feel like a
    big bank even though we get to be
    Jill Castilla, President & CEO
  • Revolutionizing Deposit Data Management

    Beth Beale, CFO, Benchmark Community Bank

    Listen to how KlariVis has completely
    transformed deposit management for
    Benchmark Community Bank by providing
    quick, detailed, and daily insights, making
    operations easier and more efficient.

    At our fingertips, we have what deposit
    activity is occurring by branch, by product,
    by customer and the account level.
    Beth Beale, Chief Financial Officer
  • Data: A Guiding Light

    Charles Potts, ICBA, CIO

    Embark on KlariVis's journey to becoming
    an ICBA Preferred service provider,
    showcasing their data-centric, listener-first
    approach tailored to meet banks' needs
    effectively. KlariVis's emphasis on accurate
    data usage is key, serving as a guiding light
    for banks in their decision-making processes.

    The beauty about a company like KlariVis is
    how efficiently and effectively they can get
    their hands around the data and make it .
    actionable in a manner that meets the needs
    of our community banks
    Charles Potts, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Transforming Data Management

    Jay Hendricks, CEO Village Bank

    By eliminating manual reporting and
    providing universal data access,
    KlariVis has empowered Village Bank
    to enhance the client experience and
    uncover new sales opportunities.

    It is very obvious that KlariVis is built
    by bankers.
    Jay Hendricks, President & CEO
  • Level Playing Field


    Since implementing KlariVis, the team at
    Wayne Bank has spent far less time
    searching for data and much more time
    and energy serving their customers.

    KlariVis is going to take our small,
    community bank and give us the
    opportunity to be out in the field in
    front of our customers more often.
    Jim Donnelly, President & CEO
  • Efficiency & Cost Savings

    Casey Hill

    Discover how KlariVis' real-time data
    insights not only streamlined processes but
    also led to significant time and cost savings,
    essentially recouping the platform's investment.

    "It [KlariVis] allows us to be efficient with our time and that time payback has probably recouped our investment by itself."
    Casey Hill, Chief Financial Officer
  • Opportunities Identified

    FNCB Bank - Jim & Jerry

    KlariVis has helped FNCB bank organize and
    make sense of the mass amount of data that
    they already had in their possession.

    KlariVis becomes invaluable.
    Jerry Champi, President & CEO
  • Accountability & Empowerment

    If you want to empower your staff and your leaders, the only way to do that is with information and KlariVis is by far the best to be able to do that.
    Don Neel, President & CEO,
  • Data-Driven Deposit Retention

    John Buhrmaster

    By transforming their data analysis with
    KlariVis, 1st National Bank of Scotia has
    developed highly-tailored customer products
    to maximize deposit retention.

    We didn't have to run a bunch of reports and
    do a spreadsheet. We just turned on KlariVis
    and clicked. That's how easy it became.
    John Buhrmaster, President & CEO

More Success Stories

  • We are thrilled to partner with KlariVis because they truly understand the unique challenges community bankers face from first-hand experience, which allows them to deliver the critical insights we need to better serve our customers.

    Derek Williams President & CEO,
    Century Bank & Trust and Chairman, ICBA
  • I just can't believe we made it this far without this information.

    Jason Jones President,
    Community Financial Services Bank (CFSB)
  • For me, as a CEO, I now know where the bank is every day without having to ask for a GL or balance sheet. It’s phenomenal.

    Alice Frazier CEO,
    Bank of Charles Town
  • I don’t know how we got by without KlariVis.

    Don Neel President & CEO,
    United Fidelity Bank

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