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Bring Your
Data to Life

Take your bank’s business intelligence to the next level with the enterprise banking analytics platform that brings it all together.

Klarivis Dashboard KlariVis Interactive Dashboards

How it works.

KlariVis aggregates data from your core and various ancillary systems and enables you to see it more clearly to empower you and your team to work better. As your bank grows, so does the volume of your data. With the time you save on analysis, you can put your new insights towards building a better organization. At KlariVis, we clear the way for you to succeed.

Klarivis Dashboard

Bank-Wide Benefits

Explore our platform capabilities to see how all layers of your organization can leverage a centralized view of your data to be a better bank for your customers.

Executive Insights

Enterprise-Wide Analysis

Executive Insights

KlariVis provides banking executives with powerfully simple summaries about overall bank performance and growth trends across markets, branches, products, officers and industries.

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Everything in one place. Leverage your data across all departments.

Interactive Dashboards

Ditch static reports, bring your data to life

Empower your team to make informed decisions with self-service access to our 650+ interactive and static dashboards. Say goodbye to complicated reporting processes and hello to a more efficient and effective way of working.

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Drill-through to Top Depositors

Customer-Level Drill Downs

From big picture to transaction level data

Quickly drill down from a macro view all the way to the customer level directly from your interactive dashboard. Instead of sifting through countless reports and making numerous phone calls, spend that valuable time taking action on the data rather than hunting for it.

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Dashboard of graphs

Enterprise Access

Accurate, centralized data at your fingertips

Gain insights into every aspect of your business, from lending and retail to finance and operations. With enterprise access, you can ensure that everyone in your organization has the data they need to make informed decisions and drive growth.

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The KlariVis ecosystem works with all cores and systems.

KlariVis consumes data from any core and ancillary systems you use and turns it into intuitive, interactive data visualizations.

Illustration of the systems KlariVis pulls data from to produce data visualizations. Illustration of the systems KlariVis pulls data from to produce data visualizations. Illustration of the systems KlariVis pulls data from to produce data visualizations.


  • Level Playing Field


    Since implementing KlariVis, the team at Wayne Bank has spent far less time searching for data and much more time and energy serving their customers.

    KlariVis is going to take our small, community bank and give us the opportunity to be out in the field in front of our customers more often.
    Jim Donnelly, President & CEO,
  • Opportunities Identified

    FNCB Bank - Jim & Jerry
    KlariVis becomes invaluable.
    Jerry Champi, President & CEO,
  • Staying Relevant

    Merchant's Bank
    KlariVis is a critical strategic ingredient in our continued pursuit of earned independence and long-term relevance.
    Greg Evans, President & CEO,
  • Time Saving Clarity

    FVCbank reduced past-due loans by 75% and eliminated 60 hours per month in ad hoc reporting.

    This is the first bank I have worked for in 30 years where I have data at my fingertips when I want to see it, AND it’s up to date!
    Bill Byers, Chief Lending Officer,
  • Implementation

    Klarivis Dashboard
    Implementation was fantastic...we weren’t writing reports or providing historical data, the KlariVis team handled all of that.
    Amy Kelly, Operations Officer,

Security First

Don’t take chances with your bank’s sensitive data.

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Klarivis Dashboard
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

    KlariVis maintains robust internal controls based upon strict information security policies and procedures developed and implemented to protect our clients’ data.

  • Enhanced Microsoft Azure

    The KlariVis platform has been developed based upon industry best practices for data security. We leverage Microsoft’s best practices for security.

  • Data Encryption

    Data is secured at rest and in transit utilizing industry-recognized encryption practices. Data encryption in transit is the protection of data as it moves from one location to another.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    Multiple layers or factors of required user authentication reduces the risk of an intruder gaining access to your critical systems and data.

  • Periodic Penetration Testing

    KlariVis leverages regular penetration testing to improve our security posture and remove any vulnerabilities open to attacks or hacking.

  • Single Sign On

    Enjoy a convenient and efficient user experience while also improving security by reducing risk and providing centralized control over access to the application.

Become a Better Bank.

Stop guessing and start knowing by bringing your data to life.