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WATCH: How to Win by Disrupting Your Bank’s Data Culture

Recorded on June 12, 2024

Speakers Include

  • Kim Snyder

    Kim Snyder

    CEO & Founder, KlariVis

  • Cynthia Cain, Chief Accounting Officer, SmartBank

    Cynthia Cain

    Chief Accounting Officer, SmartBank

Webinar: How to Win by Disrupting Your Bank's Data Culture

How to Win by Disrupting Your Bank's Data Culture

Featuring Kim Snyder, former community bank CFO and current CEO & founder of KlariVis, and Cynthia Cain, Chief Accounting Officer of SmartBank, this webinar provides invaluable insights into overcoming common challenges, boosting data accessibility, and promoting a data-led mindset at your bank. Learn essential compliance measures, unlock powerful benefits, and be inspired by real-world success stories, equipping you with the strategies needed to leverage data for growth and innovation.


00:02 – Introductions
Cynthia Cain introduces herself and provides an overview of SmartBank, highlighting its services and growth. Kim Snyder shares her career journey, including her responsibilities as a community bank CFO and the inception of KlariVis.

03:59 – Importance of Data Culture in Banking
Exploring the shift towards a data-driven culture in banking for better decision-making and efficiency.

05:58 – Impact of Data Democratization
How democratizing data can improve efficiency, decision-making, and operational transparency within organizations.

09:20 – Enhancing Visibility and Reporting in Banking
Discussion on the challenges of traditional reporting methods and the benefits of real-time visibility and trend analysis.

11:38 – Empowerment through Data Access
Empowering employees with self-service data access to drive faster and more informed decision-making.

12:34 – Role of Data in Client Relationships and Service Offerings
How data insights support relationship banking and enable tailored service offerings to clients.

14:01 – Community Banking and Growth Strategies
Discussion on growth strategies in community banking supported by data-driven insights and operational efficiencies.

15:21 – Real-Life Examples and Benefits of Data-Driven Decisions
Examples illustrating how data analytics can lead to quick decision-making, improved client retention, and overall business growth.

21:31 – How to Democratize Access to Data
Discussion on tips and challenges in persuading institutions to democratize access to data, emphasizing user-based access and data flow control.

24:59 – Cultural Change and Challenges
Exploration of the cultural shift needed for open data practices, including challenges faced and strategies for overcoming them.

29:22 – Implementation Challenges and Solutions
Addressing challenges such as technology fatigue in adopting data tools and strategies for quick implementation to maximize early value.

31:16 – Data Cleanliness and Usage
Importance of data cleanliness and tools like KlariVis in maintaining data integrity and rectifying anomalies efficiently.

36:16 – Access to Data Issues
Discussion on challenges with access to bank data, advocating for automated data feeds and industry-wide changes in data accessibility.

39:09 – Data Governance and Trust
Importance of data governance for ensuring data accuracy, compliance, and building user confidence through internal controls and validation processes.

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