We believe data is an enterprise-wide asset.

KlariVis is a unique and proprietary cloud-based analytics platform that compiles and aggregates high-value, actionable data across the organization in an automated fashion, allowing your organization to “free up the gray space” for strategic decision making, rather than report creation.

Transformative data at your fingertips.

The problem is the same for every institution regardless of size or sophistication – fragmented customer and financial data due to disparate systems across your organization.

KlariVis integrates transformative data from various core and ancillary systems, turning it into interactive data visualizations, allowing your entire team to quickly interpret and act upon the high-value data that is important to serve your customers.


How KlariVis Works

The KlariVis data analytics solution collects your previously siloed and disparate data into our secure data warehouse on a nightly basis. The data is then analyzed and aggregated to allow you to quickly visualize your data in one place with unparalleled ease.

All the data you need is made available to you in a single platform, where you can explore it, use it to make decisions, and share it.

One of KlariVis’ most powerful features is its easy-to-interpret, interactive visualizations and dashboards, which allows your team to assess, understand and act on strategic data in a timely manner.

Connect and empower your team with data.

Use KlariVis throughout your organization to enhance your financial institution’s performance.


To Lead

Create a culture of data. Data-driven organizations empower employees to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, thereby sharpening their bank’s competitive edge.

To Plan

Set meaningful and measurable strategic objectives based on current and relevant information about your bank, officers, branches, markets, products, and customers.

To Sell

With a holistic view of your customers, KlariVis enables you to strategically focus your sales, marketing, and customer retention efforts.

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