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KlariVis Adds Chief Agile Officer, Kim Janney

by KlariVis Team Apr 16, 2024

ROANOKE, Va., April 16, 2024 – KlariVis, a pioneer in optimizing banking data analytics, announced a new addition to its executive leadership team. Kim Janney will serve as the company’s new Chief Agile Officer, championing Agile across the organization and fostering the adoption of business agility practices.

“As a strong advocate for women in technology and a supporter of local-grown tech companies, I am thrilled to join such a dynamic, female-led organization,” remarked Janney. “Stepping into the role of Chief Agile Officer will allow me to champion the agile mindset, propelling our organization forward. Embracing agility isn’t just a practice; it’s a transformative philosophy that fosters innovation and drives efficiency. I look forward to leading our teams in adopting agile principles and unlocking their full potential.”

Janney has built her career in the software industry for over 25 years. Nearly 20 of those years were spent with Meridium, Inc., which was later acquired by GE Digital. Recently, she led the Program Management Office and Technical Communications teams at Torc Robotics.

Over her decades-long career, she has driven agile and other best practices to facilitate roadmap planning, release planning and release execution and has built a program management function and team from the ground up. She has also led an organization-wide shift to agile, implemented release burndowns to improve release predictability, and built a technical communications function from scratch.

“I have been following Kim since we started KlariVis and I’m confident she is the best person to take on this role,” Kim Snyder, CEO and founder of KlariVis, said. “I have been impressed by both her abilities and her accomplishments across the technology industry. Her expertise in business optimization came at the perfect time and I cannot wait to see how she’ll be an asset to us and our banks.”


About KlariVis

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