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Dedham Savings Selects KlariVis As Data Partner

Kim Snyder by Kim Snyder Jul 14, 2022

ROANOKE, Va. — KlariVis, a fast-growing enterprise dashboard and analytics solution for the financial services industry, today announced its new relationship with Dedham Savings as a key enterprise data platform for the Bank’s future.

KlariVis compiles and aggregates high-value, actionable data into an interactive, user-friendly enterprise dashboard and analytics platform. The KlariVis platform provides financial institutions with timely insights and an infrastructure to modernize elements of their tech stack while driving profitability, productivity, and performance. As a solution developed for bankers by bankers, KlariVis continues to see rapid growth as financial organizations seek a simpler way to transform their data and empower executive and frontline decision-making.

Mark Ingalls, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Dedham Savings, says, “Having a tool like KlariVis helps us take customer and institutional data, distill it, and put it into a digestible format. Better use of our data is now necessary to remain competitive, and KlariVis will be pivotal as we transition from a traditional community bank operation to a data-driven organization.”

Headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts, Dedham Savings has promoted financial strength and success in its community’s individuals, families, and businesses since 1831. Dedham Savings provides a full array of banking services, as well as a sophisticated set of digital banking and cash management services.

In the past, Dedham Savings has dealt with inefficient manual data processes. Vicki Graves, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer at Dedham Savings, says, “KlariVis delivers a simplified approach. The solution provides timely data in a centralized location, reducing potential integrity issues and increasing efficiencies.”

“We are excited to work with our first Massachusetts-based institution, Dedham Savings, and enable them to become a more data-empowered bank,” says Kim Snyder, CEO of KlariVis. “By unlocking the power of their data through KlariVis, the Bank will enhance its customer experience and make data-driven decisions that will help them better serve their clients and community.”

About Dedham Savings

Incorporated in 1831, Dedham Savings is one of the oldest banks in Massachusetts still doing business under its original charter. The Bank delivers technology-driven solutions in a client-centric way to promote the financial success of the individuals, families, businesses, and non-profit organizations in the communities it serves. Dedham Savings manages $1.9 billion in assets through full-service locations in Dedham, East Dedham, Needham, Norwood, Sharon, South Boston, Walpole, and Westwood, Massachusetts. Dedham Savings is Member FDIC, Member DIF, and an Equal Housing Lender.

About KlariVis

Created by veteran community bank executives, KlariVis was developed to enable institutions of all sizes to see their institution clearly and access transformative data in an efficient way, interpret it, and act decisively on it. The KlariVis team aims to provide financial institutions with an enterprise dashboard and analytics solution designed to solve the data conundrum that is prevalent in the industry today. For more information visit www.KlariVis.com or contact Kim Snyder, CEO & Founder, at kimsnyder@klarivis.com.

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