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Product Enhancement: IntraFi Integration

Jerry Bradley by Jerry Bradley May 8, 2023

As community banks deal with the fall-out from bank runs at institutions including Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank, uninsured deposits have become a hot topic. Banks are receiving calls from concerned customers and focusing their resources on managing liquidity day-to-day. That’s why we are excited at KlariVis to announce our new integration with IntraFi.

IntraFi has a nationwide bank network that allows banks to manage uninsured deposits and provide their customers with access to FDIC insurance on their entire deposit, regardless of its size. By leveraging this solution, banks can reduce their risk exposure, offer their customers a wider range of deposit products and services, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

While the benefits to a bank using IntraFi are substantial, the benefits of this new integration are immeasurable. Banks can now see their ICS and CDARS accounts with their other deposits accounts housed in the core system. Having these accounts visible in KlariVis allows for a deeper understanding of your customers, leading to better customer service, improved cross-sell opportunities, and more accurate liquidity reporting.

Now, KlariVis integrates with IntraFi accounts seamlessly. Each day, IntraFi sends updated data directly to KlariVis, allowing users to review their ICS and CDARS products over their morning cup of coffee.

If you have any questions about our new integration with IntraFi, including how to ensure your data is being integrated into your existing KlariVis analytics, please contact Support@KlariVis.com.

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