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Why Choose KlariVis?

Our proven solution automates the integration of your financial institution’s data from various sources. The data is then analyzed and aggregated in previously unimagined visualizations allowing for timely strategic decisions and greater transparency to your transformative data.

The KlariVis data analytics solution allows financial institutions to quickly visualize and aggregate their previously siloed and disparate data in one place with unparalleled ease.  Our solution will be used by your executives, managers and officers throughout your organization.

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How it Works

With over 120 years of financial institution experience, the KlariVis team of trusted advisors understands the information needed to make timely and informed decisions that drive revenue, manage risks, and streamline operations.  When we entered the private sector, we understood there were critical unmet needs in the financial institution industry. KlariVis was built as a scalable, leading edge, data analytics solution to provide financial institutions with the right information at their fingertips to drive and enhance performance.


Source Integration

KlariVis collects your previously siloed and disparate data into one place.


Transformative Data

Improved insight into factors that drive growth.


Interactive Visualizations

Enjoy focused, multi-dimensional strategic reports at your fingertips.

Our Core Features

There are countless reasons why our solution is better than the rest but here you can learn about why we’re different.


KlariVis takes previously disparate data points from siloed applications and displays them as one view, in multiple dimensions


KlariVis has user role security to maintain appropriate accessibility for the banks’ users


Transformative data can drive your business; however, it is only useful if its accurate, timely and accessible, all without compromising security


KlariVis uses daily data feeds to generate visual analytics that drive real time decision making


KlariVis delivers high value data seamlessly and without specialized training

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Start loving your data today!

Start loving your data today!