About KlariVis


The problem is the same for every institution – no matter your size.  While the volume of data grows exponentially, your transformative data becomes more difficult to unearth and deliver in a timely and accessible manner.

KlariVis was built as a scalable, leading edge, data analytics solution that provides your organization with improved insight into the factors that drive loan, deposit and revenue growth; better transparency into the results of your sales and marketing efforts; and increases your ability to effectively cross-sell the most profitable products. By virtue of greater transparency and accountability, the KlariVis solution heightens your organization’s sales culture.


KlariVis collects your previously siloed and disparate data into our secure data warehouse.  KlariVis integrates, aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes your data to provide executives and managers with the information needed to enhance financial institution performance.  We do this in an automated fashion, with no manual intervention required.


The KlariVis data analytics solution is offered by Roanoke, Virginia-based KBS Analytics and is affiliated with KBS Results LLC.  With over 120 years of financial institution experience, the KlariVis team of trusted advisors understands the information needed to make timely and informed decisions that drive revenue, manage risks, and streamline operations.

When we entered the private sector, we understood there were critical unmet needs in the financial institution industry and we developed KlariVis to solve these needs.

Meet the KlariVis Team

Kim Snyder, CPA, CGMA

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Gill Hundley, CRCM

Chief Administrative & Risk Officer

Jerry Bradley, CPA

Chief Operating Officer

Ashley Fiore

Chief Business Intelligence Officer

Barb Hatcher

Business Intelligence Professional

Rhonda Coman

Data Implementation Specialist

Alyssa Marino

Marketing Associate

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